We Are

The world’s foremost source for biased business and world news, the Mofographic Weekly is curated by the following leaders in the world of business. They’re all rich too.

Warren G, Editor-in-Chief:
After being fired from his investment banking internship for being overheard saying he was just in it for the money, Warren went on to a successful investing career in cocaine-avocado futures and dark chocolate contracts.

Gary T, Advisor:
Our senior leader credits his success with starting his career as a mediocre professional when interest rates were 18%, and just ‘not going anywhere’ as they fell to 0%. He accumulated a large fortune in the process.

Juan W, Writer:
After publishing a best-selling real estate investing book at age 21, before ever buying his first property, he built a publishing empire atop a succession of secrets of success and mindset motivation books. Has proudly held no other job besides self-help writer.

Ellyanna K, Writer:
Amassed a large Instagram following in the tens of millions by 17. Sold the account two years later, allowing her to retire on a fortune larger than what the previous three own, combined. She is the MW’s resident financial adviser.