Architects of America’s Ongoing Crisis Release an Honest Second Book, Following Lackluster First

(New York, NY) – A revealing, honest look at Bernanke, Geithner, and Henry Paulson’s motivations are available in their new book Zombifying, their second self-congratulatory book.

Following a lack of sales except those purchased by the authors themselves, the trio opt for a more honest book this time, admitting their affinity for “all things Japan, including zombie companies”, as well as their desire to enrich Wall Street at the expense of the average American.

The architects of America’s ongoing lack of productivity, tepid job and wage growth, and banana republic-level of wealth inequality reveal that their plan worked much better than they had initially hoped, and that their initial grandiose claims of saving the world through financial machinations were merely a way of “overcompensating for their own metaphysical angst about our purpose in the universe”.

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