Inflation is Equivalent to Fake News, Polls Say

(United States) – The majority of Americans do not believe in price inflation, and believe the concept should be abolished, new studies reveal.

Indeed, most Americans surveyed about the phenomenon were left puzzled, asking for a definition of the term. Most believed it to be a verb that applied to balls or soap bubbles, but were perplexed as it applied to the economy, except when it applied to the price of certain villagers on Animal Crossing.

A large cohort of respondents believed that at no point in the country’s history did prices ever rise out of control, with many believing it to be an illuminati-backed or QAnon plot to sow confusion.

Others expressed belief that as long as Amazon was around as a company, “hopefully forever”, in the words of some, prices would always remain low.

“Just because urban house prices have been going up at 6% compounded over 10 years doesn’t mean that we have ‘inflation’,” said an unnamed official at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Likewise, consumers rejected the notion that healthcare and education prices should count in CPI measures, as they are non-essential purchases.

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