Trump and Plutocrats Laugh as “Proles” Burn Each Other, Unaware of the Real Issues

(New York, NY) – On a secret Telegram chat, President Trump, Jerome Powell, CEOs, and a group of financiers including private equity chiefs snickered about the ongoing BLM/Antifa vs. MAGA/Patriot wars conducted both on social media and IRL, expressing relief that no one involved seemed to know that identity politics are not the source of the country’s problems.

Leon Black, among other PE chiefs, thanked the Fed for inflating asset bubbles over the past 40 years and constantly bailing them out, giving them the means of infinite leverage to gut American industries, lay off millions, and make endless billions while assuming no risk.

Financiers and bank chiefs echoed the sentiment, thanking Jerome Powell as he represented the Federal Reserve for inflating an ever-increasing gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else, while decimating America’s productivity by constantly bailing out and supporting zombie companies. The group echoed its approval of the “Japanese” model.

In a series of now unavailable texts, Trump suggested that instead of white vs. black, protestors vs. police, the real problems lay in the fact that no one in America was ever accountable for anything, that no CEO was ever responsible for what his or her company did, that no criminal was ever responsible for his own crimes, and no police officer nor politician ever was responsible for his or her own actions, to which the chat members unanimously agreed.

Ignoring the real issues like healthcare, the economy, a 40-year hyperinflation of living costs, decreasing productivity, “these guys are just going to destroy each other,” an anonymous member snickered.

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