US Government to Reverse List in Shenzhen, Formalizing Ownership of Country by Corporations & Foreign Governments

(Washington DC) – In a landmark funding deal heralded by all levels of government officials and MMT theorists, the U.S. Government will reverse list into a shell company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The deal will allow the U.S. Government to tap into a permanent source of capital, bypassing the traditional risks associated with permanent deficits, and obviating the need for higher taxes. With deficits expected to be infinite and no appetite for reduced spending in sight, the deal allows the U.S. to formalize its current state, by which endless spending is subsidized by foreign governments.

The new entity will also allow corporations, foreign governments, and any other private entity to become a shareholder of the U.S., and influence policy and elections in a more transparent manner than the current method of “lobbying”, officials said.

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