Younger Generations No Longer Want to F*** Future Ones, Just Survive

(Los Angeles, CA) – Contrary to Boomers and Gen X, millennials and Gen Z no longer want to uphold the time-honored American tradition of f*cking future generations, and have much more reduced expectations of what constitute a good life.

With significantly reduced hopes about owning a home, retirement, and ability to have children, millennials worldwide are merely hoping that the quality of their lives don’t “majorly suck”, with no concrete hopes for the future, according to the Institute of Household Viability

“Honestly, we’re probably not going to be able to even have any children to pass our liabilities down to,” Wendy Roach, a 26-year old social media influencer, said in response to a question about her generation’s willingness to take on unsustainable debt loads.

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